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To share a little about us- Popp & Associates is an educational consulting and college counseling firm based in Wellesley Hills, MA, just outside of Boston. We work with high school students in 9-12 grade on achieving their academic and personal goals, college aspirations included. While most of our students live in the New England area, we serve clients living throughout the United States and abroad. P&A college counselors have worked in college admission and high school-based college counseling offices and served as classroom teachers, tutors, and athletic coaches. We have worn every hat, understand the college application process from soup to nuts, and most importantly, we understand teenagers, their families and how we can work together to achieve the best results.

Our students in 9-11th grade benefit from our counseling services focused on developing academic performance, extracurricular engagement, athletic goals, community service involvement, summer program plans, leadership opportunities, and personal growth. Students in 11th-12th grade receive a high level of personalized support through all stages of the college search and application processes.

We look forward to sharing the latest news in college admission, financial aid, and other topics of interest to high school students, families, and educators. Please also stay in touch by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!



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