Popp & Associates provides clients with high-quality personalized advising that enables them to attain success in all aspects of the high school experience, the college application process included. Families benefit from our counselors’ extensive professional experience as educators and unwavering commitment to helping clients achieve their potential.

A Wealth of Experience

Popp & Associates college counselors have been helping students find their best college fit for over ten years.  Our experiences include working in college admission and high school-based college counseling offices to serving as classroom teachers, tutors, and athletic coaches. P&A college counselors actively participate in industry professional associations and related conferences, frequently visit college campuses throughout the US and abroad, and volunteer at college counseling and financial aid programs serving under-resourced communities. Given our wealth of experience working with secondary school families in numerous settings, we appreciate what students, parents, and school-based staff encounter in the college application process. We are also available to work with students’ high schools if needed, so families can feel supported by a cohesive team of professionals who are all on the same page. We have worn every hat, understand the college application process from soup to nuts, and most importantly, we understand teenagers, their families, and how we can work together to achieve the best results.

A College Counselor by Your Side

Popp & Associates college counselors provide students and parents with strategic guidance throughout high school to ensure that post-secondary goals are achieved. Families benefit most from our wide range of services when they come on board in the early years of their child’s high school education. Our college counselors can best advise families who we know well: Understanding a family’s history and a student’s academic and personal growth over time enables us to provide the most effective college recommendations. Our college counseling staff is available year-round to be a sounding board for clients and offer advising regarding academic course selection, extracurricular engagement, athletic goals, summer program plans, community service and leadership opportunities, and resume development for part-time job and internship positions.

Staying on Track

P&A college counselors help parents and students stay on track with important priorities, such as SAT registration and completing college applications on time. The college counseling work is well-paced so that students don’t find themselves cramming at the last minute to complete applications. Parents consistently praise P&A’s organized approach and frequent communications. These efforts help students complete their work in a timely manner, alleviating the need for parents to provide reminders to meet deadlines. Parents can focus on other obligations knowing that their son or daughter is in good hands.

Piece of Mind

Popp & Associates parents often comment that the college application process is a calm, well-managed experience for them. Because our college counselors are carefully guiding families through the process, parents can relax and have confidence that their children will be counseled and supported to obtain the best outcomes.

College Acceptances & Scholarships

Our clients gain acceptance to colleges that are a good fit for their individual needs and goals. As a result, over 95% of students graduate from the colleges where they begin their studies.

In addition to finding the right college fit, Popp & Associates college counselors are often able to assist students in obtaining merit scholarships that recognize their academic achievement, extracurricular leadership, etc.

Parents are thrilled when scholarship opportunities are presented as the college financing process becomes more affordable and less stressful.

Expert Guidance for Athletes

Our college counselors offer comprehensive assistance to students who are applying to college and engaging in the college athletic recruitment process.  Prospective college athletes face added responsibility and obligations during the college search and application process. Families can benefit from our expertise as our athletic counselor has coached and guided numerous athletes through the college recruitment and application experience. Our strategic advice ensures that students’ athletic and academic goals are fulfilled.

Reliable Recommendations for Related Services

Popp & Associates has established strong relationships with local companies that have been very successful in assisting our clients. We frequently provide families with referrals for academic tutors, standardized test preparation services, career counselors, behavioral health services, and financial planners.

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