“Mindy is an absolutely fabulous person to work with! I know that I would not have been nearly as on top of the college process in terms of meeting deadlines, scheduling interviews, submitting test scores, etc. without her. She was there with top-notch advice, invaluable honesty, and genuine support whenever I needed her. The college process was a such a mix of excitement and anxiety for me, but Mindy helped keep me focused and organized so that I could meet my goals. I am thrilled to be attending my top choice college next fall, very much thanks to Mindy’s intelligent direction!”

—Student, Barnard College, Class of 2023

“We had a great meeting with Tom. We were extremely impressed with his knowledge and the research that he did in preparation for the meeting. We feel that we have a much better idea of the recruiting process.”

—Parent, New York, NY

“Our son truly values your opinion and has enjoyed working with you. He has said he could have never imagined doing all the work and staying on track if it hadn’t been for you!”

—Parent, Mansfield, MA

“How grueling your work must be at times. Balancing kids’ expectations with reality, being encouraging, diplomatic, tough and empathetic, knowing the ever-changing field, and perhaps dealing with a few crazy parents to boot. I have given your name out whenever the opportunity presents itself. Thank you again for your hard work.”

—Parent, Newton, MA

“It’s been great having Beth work with you— it kept her organized and focused, and I’m sure resulted in stronger applications. We’ll keep you posted as the results come in.”

—Parent, Lexington, MA

“After acquiring Mindy’s services, ours and our son’s minds were put to ease. From the very first meeting, Mindy was clear on the expectations and concise on establishing a timeline. Mindy’s knowledge and firsthand experience of visiting many schools enabled our son to comprise a list that was well-rounded and suitable for him. She guided him step by step in the application process and expected his full effort and determination in the completion of each one. During the times our son became less focused and unmotivated, Mindy was able to reel him back to stay the course. He was ultimately thankful to her when his applications were completed for the sense of pride he felt that he had done his best. He looks forward to telling her his acceptances with each one he’s received thus far. My husband and I couldn’t thank Mindy enough for all she’s done. Without her services, this process would have been grueling, probably putting a huge strain on our relationship with our son. Her expertise and professionalism are unwavering. We have already acquired her services for our second son and we look forward to working with her again.”

—Parent, Franklin, MA

“Thank you so much for your note. We are very happy for Ryan (you should have seen the big smile on his face!) and proud of all the hard work he’s put into high school and the application process. I know he really enjoyed working with you. You made the process very straightforward and clear, and gave thoughtful advice and counsel to us and our son. Thank you! We have two other boys and I think you will be seeing us again in a few years!”

—Parent of Student, Boston University, Class of 2023

“I cannot thank you enough for your guidance throughout the entire college search process for both of the boys.  As I tell my friends & family – hiring you was the smartest decision I’ve made in a long time – you were a wonderful sounding board and a voice of expertise, calm and reason in what I found to be an often stressful and complicated process.  I know that the boys made your work very challenging at times – I appreciated the communication and the continuous nudging and prodding that ultimately led them to complete their applications on time without a crazy push at the end. You contributed significantly to what we see as a very good outcome for both boys, and having you as the lead kept me out of a very stressful situation that would have strained my relationships with both.

I also think that having your guidance helped direct what we thought were very sound decisions on their college lists and their Early Decision process. Having someone involved who had no personal bias towards/against schools, especially those that family had previously attended, was very important in their final decisions.”

—Peg Creonte, Wellesley, MA

“Max submitted his last 3 applications. I can’t believe he’s done. A long process and hopefully he will hear some good news come January. He said he is going to miss his time with you… loved hearing that. He will certainly let you know decisions as they come.”

—Parent, Mansfield, MA

“She’s amazing! Mindy Popp’s insights and knowledge helped steer my child towards the most appropriate colleges — and her patience guiding my child through the application process reduced stress on all members of the family. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”

—Parent, Newton, MA

“We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and guidance over the last few months. You went above and beyond and we are truly grateful.”

—Parent, Franklin, MA

“Thank you, Mindy, for all of the consistent, thoughtful and excellent support you have provided for our daughter. We have a 9th grade son with ADHD who has been finding the transition into high school to be very challenging. This has required a lot of immediate time and attention on the part of me and my husband.  Knowing you were there to support our daughter through the demanding and stressful college application process has given us a great peace of mind and added a lot of value beyond what we could have done as her parents on our own.  I cannot thank you enough.”

—Parent of Student, Georgetown University, Class of 2022

“Mindy set up deadlines and a timeline and kept my sons on task.  She made sure their applications were completed correctly and submitted on time. She knows how to motivate kids and how to get the best out of them. Mindy is a true professional and an expert in her field. My kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I look forward to working with her again in the near future. She is warm and understanding but tough when she needs to be and I cannot imagine going through the college process without her!!!!! 2 down, 2 to go. Thanks for being so good at what you do!”

—Alison Eames, Mansfield, MA, Parent of students attending Wake Forest University, Bucknell University & Washington University in St. Louis


—Student, Smith College, Class of 2014

“I am writing to thank you for all you did this year to guide Anna (and me) through her college application process. Of course we are thrilled with her successful outcome and very grateful for the role you played in that. Even more, I am so appreciative for all of your prompt, detailed and thoughtful responses to the many questions we had over the last 9 months. Your involvement made the entire application process so much less stressful than it would have been otherwise. Thank you again for all of your time, dedication and wisdom. We will always remember you.”

—Parent, Phoenix, AZ

“Mindy Popp, of Popp and Associates, was a perfect match for us. As a parent, regarding college selection and the application process, I felt utterly overwhelmed by what seemed like an all-consuming challenge at first. Mindy was calm and positive. Her warmth and exceptional knowledge of options was just what our son needed to move forward with confidence. She provided consistent support for us during each step of the process and made it one which I can reflect back on as a positive experience.”

—Ashley Lieberman, Lexington, MA

“I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the guidance and support you provided me during the college admissions process.

Your valuable advice, encouragement, and motivation helped me to navigate the complex and often overwhelming application process with confidence and ease. From identifying potential schools to crafting my essays, you were always available to offer insights and suggestions that helped me present myself in the best possible light.

Thanks to your efforts, I was able to submit strong applications to a ton of schools, and I am happy to report that I have recently been accepted to Florida State, University of San Diego, University of South Carolina and Loyola Marymount. Although I haven’t made a final decision yet and I am still waiting on some regular decision schools, I’m very proud of what we accomplished together! I will keep you updated on final decisions, but know I am thinking of you with each acceptance.

I am thrilled to begin this new chapter of my life, and I know that your guidance played a critical role in helping me achieve everything thus far.

Once again, thank you for all that you have done for me. You are truly an outstanding counselor, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

—Student, UC Santa Barbara, Class of 2027

“Mindy’s college consulting services are invaluable.  The learning curve to apply to college can be very time-consuming, confusing and stressful for both the student and the parent.  Mindy took most of the mystery and the tension out of the process.  Although our two children have different personalities, interests, and learning styles, they both enjoyed working with Mindy and they both landed in programs that are a great fit.”

—Parent, Walpole, MA

“Mindy has made time for me when I could only come in at 9 PM on a Tuesday night after soccer practice. She has been truly wonderful throughout this process. She has helped me apply to all of my schools in a timely manner in order to make the process less stressful. She doesn’t judge, and it’s obvious how much time and effort she puts into her business. Mindy is one of the best people I know. Go hire her right now.”

—Lucy Holmes, Newton, MA

“My two daughters had the pleasure of working with Mindy and found her to be an excellent editor, advocate, confidante and supporter. Mindy’s hands-on experience with the college admissions process was invaluable and kept us sane during what would otherwise have been an even more stressful time. Mindy’s expectations for meetings, deadlines, and draft essays from her student clients are high, but her professionalism was infectious. Both girls were accepted to colleges they were eager to attend. We cannot recommend Mindy highly enough.”

—Katy Hax Holmes, Newton, MA

“Mindy was tremendous every step of the way. This was our first time through the college application process with our oldest daughter. Time management was something we never really thought of, but Mindy helped so much with keeping our daughter on schedule. With all of the challenges and distractions during junior and senior year, it would have been very difficult if not impossible to go through this process without some assistance. Mindy exceeded our expectations, being flexible with her schedule to accommodate completing many essays and applications. Mindy went the extra mile with the level of detail and attentiveness in her feedback. She was supportive, calm, logical and decisive. Our daughter truly enjoyed her meetings with Mindy and working on her applications was made so much easier with her support. She was also quick and responsive to the many issues that came up along the way. We can’t imagine how everything could have been accomplished without her. My daughter and I had an excellent relationship with Mindy; not only is she a true professional but she is also a great person. We look forward to working with Mindy again as our sophomore daughter begins her college search. We highly recommend Mindy and her college services—she is the best.”

—Parent, Wayland, MA

“The services offered by Popp & Associates are a must-have. I am now a rising Junior at Syracuse University, but three summers ago I was a rising high school senior with hardly any idea of where I wanted to go, and how to apply in the most efficient and successful way. My parents and I found Popp & Associates and decided to make an appointment with Mindy. Working with her was the best decision that I could have made because she was able to help me find schools that fit with my interests, find a topic to write about for my common application essay, as well as help me refine it, and really made me stay on track. The college application process can be very stressful, time-consuming and downright aggravating. Mindy made the process efficient, less stressful, and very successful. I am extremely happy and doing very well at Syracuse University, and I could not have done it without Mindy. Mindy and Popp & Associates deserve nothing less than a five-star review.”

—John Prudente, Syracuse University

“Working with Mindy throughout the college application process was a great experience that ended with fantastic results.  I was admitted into nine out of the eleven schools to which I applied and this was in large part due to the guidance and tutelage I received from Mindy.  Mindy helped me prioritize my tasks, budget my time, and offered expert advice in writing and composing application essays, especially those with difficult word limits.  Mindy went the extra mile and assisted me even after I had applied to my schools, offering crucial advice when I came to her trying to get accepted off the wait list at my dream school, UPenn.  Applying to college was a tedious and sometimes daunting task to undertake, but the process was certainly easier having a professional like Mindy to guide me every step of the way.”

—Douglas F., University of Pennsylvania

“I would like to highly recommend Mindy Popp at Popp & Associates. Over the past 5 years, I have worked closely with Mindy Popp on our annual Guidance Counselor Training Day through the AAA Student Lending Program. Her professionalism, dedication, and experience are unmatched by industry leaders. We have come to rely on her expertise, which allows us to deliver exceptional programming each year to Southern New England guidance counselors. Her presentations are engaging, interactive, and filled with insight. Mindy is always willing to go the extra mile and can be counted on in any given situation. I highly recommend Mindy Popp and Popp & Associates.”

—Shelley Honeycutt, Founder, CollegeAdvisorsNE

“The college search and application process is so complicated, overwhelming and competitive today that even the most competent families often need help. We have used the guidance services of Ms. Mindy Popp with our oldest son and our daughter and are so pleased and impressed with her that we will certainly employ her again when our third child begins his college search. Mindy was fantastic at understanding our children (who are very different) and helping them at every step of the way from creating appropriate lists of schools, to keeping track of deadlines, to tackling the applications. She is cheerful, organized and creative in her thinking and her communication skills both with us and our kids are superb.

Most of all we wanted our children’s applications to be honest. Mindy helped them organize their thoughts, review and summarize their personal ‘histories’ and break down each section into manageable tasks. But in the end their essays were their own and they were proud of them. She is serious with the students about her purpose and the work they must do, yet is funny and energetic. Mindy genuinely cares about helping kids (and families) survive this process with the ultimate goal of not just thick acceptance envelopes but also a sense of perspective and their egos and relationships left intact, if not made stronger by the process. A true feat!”

—Parent of students attending University of Michigan, Northeastern University, and University of Colorado Boulder

“A most valuable aspect of working with Mindy was her compassionate assurance that there was a college out there where our son would thrive – and there is one for your student, too!  Mindy greatly assisted us as our high school senior approached the college application process with dragging feet, and lots of statements of “I know what I’m doing” and “Later.”  Although he was not accepted at his first choice (a reach school and far from my first choice for him), he was accepted at many schools, chose UVM, and it has turned out to be the perfect environment for him.  I wholeheartedly recommend that you let Mindy guide your student and you through the bewildering college application process!”

—Parent of Student, University of Vermont, Class of 2010

“Mindy is highly qualified for assisting students and families with their college search and application process. With her background as an admission officer at a prestigious college, she knows the system and gave us excellent guidance.”

—Parent, Arlington, MA

“Mindy was invaluable to us when our daughter initially applied to college and when she decided to transfer closer to home after her first year. She has a kind, but firm no-nonsense approach that helped focus our daughter. She listened to her but was ever mindful of her professional responsibilities, keeping her on track and not allowing her to worry too much or procrastinate. We were particularly pleased when Mindy suggested schools that we hadn’t considered and that our daughter really liked. I only wish we had found her earlier.”

—Parent, Winchester, MA

“Absolutely Thrilled! As the parents of two teenagers, we were (are) not looking forward to the college app process. At the recommendation of another educational consultant, we found Mindy Popp. From the get-go, our daughter was on board with Mindy. Mindy is an intelligent and insightful woman who can relate to teenagers…which is what so much of this process is all about…it was important to us that our child was comfortable with Mindy. Our daughter couldn’t have been happier. And as her parents…people would ask us if the yelling had started (from the college app process) at home, what yelling? Not even a nag from our end. Mindy had everything under control.

Our daughter worked very well with Mindy and looked forward to the weekly sessions with Mindy. The sessions were scheduled at convenient times and in the rare instance when we had to reschedule, Mindy was more than willing to accommodate.

Mindy’s thoughtful college list for our daughter was exciting! It was evident Mindy was listening to our daughter. Mindy kept our daughter on track and on schedule. There was no sense of panic…just relief (from all) that this one person could promote such calmness during what is always perceived as a stressful time. The reality is, it is a stressful time for everyone in the family. Mindy Popp eased that stress.

Today, our daughter is a happy college freshman (at a college her high school guidance counselor did not even recommend)! We often look back on our time with Mindy and wonder what would we have done without Mindy Popp!
With Mindy’s expertise, knowledge and listening skills, she was able to work productively with our child..for that we will be forever grateful.

Now, we have a high school junior …who two weeks ago met with Mindy and immediately felt a connection. He can’t wait to start the college app process with Mindy!

A couple of more things we want to add: We do not live near the Wellesley office of Popp & Associates. We live on the South Shore and the drive to Wellesley can take up to 45 minutes during the week days. This is not convenient. BUT, after our daughter’s experience and our son’s excitement, we know we have made the right decision for our children. This is an investment and without question, worth every penny and well worth the trip. Mindy Popp is a gem.”

—Mindy Verenis, Quincy, MA

“I thought the college counseling services were perfect. I am quite sure that our son would not have had the success that he did if we did not work with Mindy!”

—Parent, Essex, MA

“Mindy Popp counseled our two sons from the time they were each high school sophomores. We had been living out of the country and needed to get up to speed quickly on the whole college application process. Mindy worked not only with the boys (they are a year apart) but also with their dad and me, to understand and navigate the route to the best college. She was thorough in her early investigations into the boys’ lives, both external and internal. She was interested in them as students and as people. Mindy interviewed my husband and me in order to understand the family expectations.

Bringing Mindy in during their years in high school allowed the boys to make informed choices about what courses to take and in what extracurricular activities to become involved. Her advice was based on our sons’ interests and proclivities and not on cynical ‘how-to-get-into-college’ bullet points.

For our first son, at the appropriate time Mindy provided us with a long list of potential schools based on all that she had learned about him. We winnowed that down to a manageable number and then began school visits. When we were unable to visit a school, Mindy was often able to give her firsthand experience of the institution.

The list narrowed further after the visits. Mindy was collecting feedback from us the entire time, talking with our son on his own about his reactions, thereby building a picture from the raw impressions that we were giving her. The list was narrowed to about 12 schools and then the application process began in earnest. This is when I became eternally grateful to have Mindy in our life.

The senior year can be an emotionally fraught time for many reasons. Having Mindy be the task master to ensure that essays were written, rewritten and rewritten, and that all deadlines were met for applications, meant that our sons’ final years at home were peaceful and precious.

I should explain that by the time we were working on the second son we thought we could draw up at least as good a short list as Mindy. We merged her list of schools with ours then visited them all. I am embarrassed to admit that not one of the schools that we put on the list made the cut. He didn’t apply to a single one.

In sum, both our boys have gone to schools that Mindy helped them select and apply to. They have been happy, successful students and we all remember their final years at home as happy ones.

Without hesitation, I can recommend Mindy Popp to steer families through this important and lengthy process. She is thoughtful, experienced, diligent and always willing to go the extra mile for the student.”

—Parent, Wellesley, MA

“I think it’s important to remember that our kids get themselves into college. My daughter had a great approach towards academic experiences, good grades and good scores. But what Mindy gave us was critical to a successful college application process. Mindy steered the way, was an incredible and knowledgeable resource, helped us understand college admissions, helped my daughter best use her time, helped manage anxiety, and truly helped my daughter find the best college opportunity for her own individual needs. My daughter just graduated from a top ten liberal arts college. I would recommend Mindy to any family that is serious about the college search and college admissions process.”

—Parent of Student, Haverford College, Class of 2013

“Speaking as a mom, I was both extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to gain perspective and guidance from a professional in the field, as well as to have someone else say things to my son that his dad and I already have said. The time you took to prepare the materials was evident, and I felt that you really knew and understood our son. He seemed to get a lot out of it — You were great!”

—Parent, Newton, MA

“This is my husband’s and my first time going through the college process, which is why we acquired a professional service. From helping develop a college list, filling out the applications to the actual final decision of choosing a school, Mindy’s constant guidance and expertise were beyond helpful. We truly couldn’t have done this process without her.”

—Parent, Franklin, MA

“Mindy was very helpful in offering guidance at every step of the process. She offered constructive feedback on essays and the college interview process. I found her receptive to my calls and she kept me abreast of the process.”

—Parent of Student, Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2014 and Student, Northwestern University, Class of 2015

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