I was scrolling through my Facebook feed just a few days ago, and I decided to give in to temptation and click on a video that caught my attention. Usually my eyes gloss right over unknown “sponsored” posts that surface in my social media. But this time, it was different. Take a look.

Christmas Ad

I watched this video at least twice, and yes, I confess there were some tears. This video has stirred emotions in many people since its release earlier this month. The ad stopped me in my tracks. I could relate to it on too many levels as I know others can. Immediately I thought of my grandparents and how hard I worked to adjust my schedule to visit them in Florida as much as possible. But could I have done better? Should I have pushed myself harder to make spending more time with them a priority? Both of them have passed on, and visiting them during the P&A winter break is unfortunately no longer an option. Still, there are valuable lessons that I and others can learn from this video.

Before it is too late, pick up the phone, send that holiday card, write that email, get on that plane and do whatever else you want or can to make sure that your loved ones know that you love them. We are constantly reminded of the fragility of life, especially given the rise of violence in today’s world. Don’t take anyone for granted- a grandparent, parent, spouse or partner, sibling, child, friend, teacher, coach or anybody at all who has helped you grow or made life a little better for you. Say thank you. Say thank you today and often. Don’t wait for another holiday season to share what is in your heart with those who fill it.

Happy Holidays!

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