How Parents Can Be Most Helpful During the College Application Process:

5 Tips for Your Family

Written by Mindy Popp
Founder and Principal College Counselor
  1. Designate specific times to discuss the college application process. Don’t discuss it nonstop as the conversations may increase students’ stress levels and as a result, they may be less receptive to parental feedback.
  2. Make it a priority to explore colleges as much as possible since students are picking out their homes for the next four years. Campus visits are invaluable as far as helping students understand what is a good college fit for them. Students can also learn more about colleges of interest by attending college fairs and meeting with college admission representatives who visit their high schools.
  3. Contact school counselors and/or consider hiring a private college counselor to obtain professional assistance with managing the application process and reducing stress and anxiety at home.
  4. College essays should be written by applicants only. Provide input if asked and refrain from sharing your child’s college essay(s) with multiple parties. Too many cooks in the kitchen can do more harm than good when it comes to college essay writing.
  5. Ask your child how you can be most helpful during the college application process. Be the person your child needs you to be.
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