[blockquote author=””] Popp & Associates is excited to announce the 2014 College Counseling Sale! [/blockquote]


Premium Planning Package

As students begin the spring semester, now is the ideal time to review a student’s high school career from personal, academic and extracurricular perspectives. There may be adjustments that students would like to make in order to enhance their school experience and prepare for a successful college application process. Families often consult P&A as they choose classes for the upcoming school year and explore extracurricular, community service and summer program opportunities.

The Premium Planning Package provides comprehensive counseling for 9th and 10th grade students and explores how students can maximize their academic and personal potential in the early years of high school. In addition, the package supports students and families during the college search and application process in the junior and senior years.

Discount for New Clients: During the College Counseling Sale, families will enjoy a $1,000 discount off the regular package price.

Sibling Discount for Returning Clients: A $1,200 discount will be offered.


Comprehensive Counseling Package

This popular package is an ideal fit for students in their junior year who need assistance with the college search and application process, including college list development and college interview preparation, as well as course selection, standardized test taking guidance, and other services as needed. This package provides assistance to students and families beginning in the junior year and through the application process in 12th grade.

Sibling Discount for Returning Clients:$680 discount will be offered.


Athletic Counseling Consultation

Popp and Associates provides specialized athletic counseling services to address the unique college admission needs of student athletes. These services include consultation, eligibility assessment, strategy development and offer evaluation.

P&A’s athletic counseling services begin with an Athletic Consultation Package that assesses a student’s candidacy for college athletics and provides guidance regarding where to direct the student’s search. The package includes up to three hours of athletic counseling and is a perfect match for student athletes and parents who are exploring the college athletic recruitment process.

A $100 discount will be offered to all clients.


For detailed information about all counseling package options, please visit College Counseling Packages. Discounts of 5-10% are available during the sale and year-round for the Senior, Basic and Comprehensive Counseling Packages when the total package cost is paid at the time of purchase. After the sale, a 10% discount will also be available for the Premium Planning Package.

A limited number of counseling packages will be sold while the sale is in effect through February 14, 2014. Please contact us to learn more and to schedule a complimentary Meet and Greet session. Discover how P&A can help you achieve your high school and college goals!