Now that the school year is well underway, we want to recommend some valuable resources to help everyone stay on track. Beyond BookSmart is a company that assists students with strengthening their executive function skills through personalized coaching. We are including a Beyond BookSmart resource that will enable your student to get organized and succeed in school. Engaging Minds, another company that provides executive function coaching, also has an extensive list of resources for families to explore. Architects For Learning provides similar services in addition to assistance with speaking, reading, and writing skills and supports students in kindergarten-college. Lastly, we are fans of Frankenberger Associates which offers a variety of services including testing, counseling, cognitive skills building, parent coaching and more. All of these companies have earned rave reviews from customers, so please check them out and discover what they can do to help your student achieve their potential.
We hope these tools will be beneficial for your family and wish you much success for the school year! For more helpful resources, please see our September newsletter.


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