Summer is in full swing as families head off for vacation, students start summer programs and jobs, and life hopefully quiets down, at least a little, as the school year fades into the background. This time of year is perfect to catch up on your reading, whether you are at the beach, lounging on a porch swing, or relaxing on the ferry to Nantucket.
For adults who are interested in what college admission officers are reading and recommending these days, please note this book list from the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. Also, take a look at the “The Best Higher Education Books Of 2022” from Forbes to learn more about a variety of higher education topics.
Students, take note of this recommended reading list from Edutopia, which is packed with book titles you don’t want to miss. And, you definitely should also catch The New York Times Annual Summer Reading Contest! Participants are asked to share their thoughts on a favorite recent article in The Times; judges then review the responses and their top picks are published. The contest is open to teens living anywhere in the world.
If you have a favorite book that you would love to share, please let us know and we will happily include it in our summer reading recommendations on social media.
To see more from our June newsletter, please check it out here. Happy reading!
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