Given that the November 1 application deadline is quickly approaching, students have begun submitting Early Decision and Early Action applications using the online Common Application. As many of you know, there has been no shortage of articles in the media detailing the Common Application difficulties that students, guidance counselors, and teachers have been encountering.  Last week, the Common Application was inaccessible for many on October 14, and now daily announcements are available detailing any known technical problems. The Common Application released this Statement of Commitment on October 18 reflecting on current issues of concern, as well as expectations for progress in the near future.

In order to stay informed about the challenges with the Common Application, please follow Popp & Associates and The Common Application on Facebook and Twitter as updates are routinely posted.



Common Application


Additional resources that you may want to review as you prepare to submit your Common Application include the following:

Common Application Help Center

Uploading and Print Preview

Payment and Submission

Please also note that due to the Common Application challenges, many colleges have postponed their Early Decision and Early Action deadlines. Students should check the admission office websites for their EA/ED schools to stay up-to-date about any deadline changes. In addition, both Tufts University and Princeton University have recently announced that they have joined the list of colleges who will accept the Universal College Application to give students an alternative to the Common Application. More updates are likely to come, so please stay connected with your ED/EA schools for current news.


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