Last week, I was sitting in a discussion group, and a man seated across from me expressed his concern about the focus of our group’s work. He made it clear that the group’s purpose should not be to try to “move the needle” on his views. I immediately felt a strong gut reaction of disagreement.

Moving the needle is not a concept that we should fear or discourage. Growth and change are necessary and are very positive aspects of life, which are crucial to us realizing our maximum potential. Instead of trying to guard against the possibility of change, we should embrace it in order to invite the best outcomes.

I have always been grateful when I emerge from a situation happier, healthier, or more educated than when I first walked through the door. My faith in magic is renewed when a conversation with a stranger, a guest speaker’s presentation at a conference, or a completely random and unplanned event in my day changes me and changes me for the better. Anyone who pushes me outside of my comfort zone and lights a fire under me to take a risk that has the possibility to advance my life is a gift.

This spring, seeds of change are being planted for our high school seniors. A new chapter will begin for them next fall when they embark on their college education. Starting college is a big step in life, and this step forward ushers in a level of change that can be intimidating. Whether we are preparing to start college or just facing a new day in life without a significant transition on the horizon, we should always welcome the opportunity to move the needle. Appreciate anyone or anything that stretches your mind in a new direction or challenges you to reevaluate your perspectives. Moving the needle in our lives should be welcomed and praised as little comes from standing still.

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