The March newsletter is here! Discover information about upcoming New England college fairs, summer co-op, internship and research opportunities for high school students, and read our reflections on spring and the lessons all of us can learn during this time of choice and change.

Spring: A Time for Choice and Change

As much as New Englanders welcome the spring and eagerly retire the snow shovels as the warm weather approaches, the season brings a mix of emotions for many high school families. Seniors have received their admission decision news, and they are excitedly but cautiously weighing their options. Graduating and beginning the next chapter of life away from home all of a sudden have taken on new meanings. The future that students and parents have been planning for will soon be the present.

The spring is also a time when 11th graders are trying to balance numerous college search and application responsibilities, including taking standardized tests, visiting campuses, working hard in classes, and much more. Juggling these commitments in addition to school work and extracurricular activities is understandably stressful and emotionally draining. All of us can fall into the trap of letting our preparation for the future define how we are living in the present. So what do the present moments offer us? Read more

Summer 2016 Research
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