The spring is a popular time for high school families to explore colleges. Whether you are a senior evaluating your college options or a junior who is just beginning the college search process, campus visits are invaluable opportunities to get to know your schools of interest.
In addition to participating in campus tours and information sessions, prospective students are encouraged to take additional steps to better determine if a college is a good match. Families should contact admission offices in advance of their campus visits and inquire about any available opportunities to explore a college including speaking with current students and connecting with faculty and athletic coaches.
As your college trip planning begins, keep in mind that there are numerous resources available, and many are free.
For valuable tips from the Independent Educational Consultants Association  (IECA) on how you can make the most of your campus visits, please read here.
In addition, IECA offers a resource for helping families manage their campus visits. The Campus Visit Journal enables students and parents to record their impressions of colleges in an organized, user-friendly format. Take this journal with you on your college trips this spring and keep track of your thoughts while they are still fresh in your mind. ACT also released a Campus Visit Worksheet, which we highly recommend for students.
If online resources are your preference for travel planning, check out Go See Campus. Families can search for collegesorganize campus visits, and even obtain directions and restaurant recommendations for their trip.
Feel free to contact Popp & Associates for more helpful campus visit resources as you plan your next trip. Safe travels!
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