As April 1 approaches, colleges are notifying applicants of admission decisions, and the college application process is finally coming to an end, much to the delight of seniors and parents! While many families are excited to know students’ options, the choices can at times feel overwhelming. Students may get accepted into more colleges than they expected, a scholarship offer may be an incentive for a family to reconsider a school that was not initially a top choice, etc.

College visits are especially beneficial at this point in the college search and application process. While students may have toured campuses in 11th grade, their perspectives will be completely different now. Once students know that attending a certain college is a very real possibility and not just a dream, they will be able to invest more personally in the college tour experience. Seniors should be honest with themselves and seriously evaluate whether they would be happy at a school and if that college will satisfy their personal and academic goals.

As accepted applicants and prospective students (sophomores and juniors) plan college visits this spring, we would like to offer a few tips to ensure that the tours are meaningful. Successful college visits enable students to get the answers they need to move forward with more clarity and identify the best fit for their needs. Please enjoy our PowerPoint presentation titled “Tips and Resources to Make the Most of Your College Visits” that we recently shared with parents at a local college fair. For additional recommendations on planning your spring college tours, please be in touch. We’re happy to help!

To view more articles in our March newsletter and learn about upcoming college fairs, our spring college counseling classes for parents, and a great summer internship resource for high school and college students, read here.


Finding Your College Fit



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