I wanted to share a few reminders for all of us to keep in mind as school wraps up before the holiday break next week!

1) Confirm Transcript and Recommendation Letter Requests — Before departing for winter break, please double-check with your school counselor and teachers that your transcript and letters of recommendation are being sent to colleges in time to meet January application deadlines.

2) Send SAT/ACT Scores — If you have not already sent your SAT/ACT scores to your colleges with January application deadlines, please do so as soon as possible.

3) Thank You Notes — If you have not done so already, please take a few moments this week to write thank you notes to your teachers and school counselor for helping you with your application process. Many of them work on recommendation letters outside of school hours, and a note acknowledging their efforts will be much appreciated.

4) Early Decision Applications — If you have been accepted to your Early Decision school, please immediately withdraw any remaining applications that you previously submitted. To withdraw an application at any college, students simply need to e-mail the college’s admission office.

5) Early Action and Early Decision News — As decision information arrives, please make sure to inform your school counselor. Many colleges are releasing EA/ED news this week. If you have questions about how to respond to EA/ED news, I recommend reading this helpful blog post from College Admission. Of course we are available for any assistance as well.

6) Keep Up Your Grades — I know that it may be tempting to relax a little in your classes, especially if you have been accepted to your Early Decision school, but please remember that your acceptance is contingent upon your grades remaining consistent with your current transcript. All seniors should continue to work hard through graduation this spring as your colleges will receive your 1st-semester grades by February. Your final transcript will be sent in June to the college that you plan to attend. Don’t let Senioritis get the best of you!

Good luck and happy holidays!

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