I know it is hard to believe, but the college application process will be coming to a close for high school seniors in the coming weeks! While we expect most admission decisions to be released between March 17-31, some colleges may notify students as early as next week. Admission decisions will be shared electronically and through traditional mail.

Please keep in mind that seniors will need to make a deposit at their college of choice by May 1. If you are a senior and you receive any waitlist decisions, you can choose to accept or decline the offer(s). Even in this case, you should place a deposit at one of the schools where you are accepted.

Lastly, I wanted to share a few priorities for all of us to remember as we approach the spring:

1) Stay Focused in School — I know that it is tempting to yield to Senioritis, but trust me, colleges do pay attention to seniors’ grades through graduation. Your high school will be required to send a final transcript in June to the college you have chosen to attend. Keep your grades up and end on a strong note!

2) Clear Your Calendar for April — Colleges will be hosting open houses for accepted students in April. I highly recommend visiting/revisiting any colleges of interest. Students are most successful at the colleges that are a match for their values and academic and personal goals. The best way that students can determine a good fit is by experiencing life on the campus.

3) Understanding Financial Aid Options — If you have applied for financial aid and need any help understanding and comparing aid packages, please seek out assistance from your school counselor, your colleges’ financial aid offices, and we are also available to help. Popp & Associates works with several financial aid professionals, and we can easily provide a referral if needed.

4) We Can Help — Questions about your admission decisions? Need a sounding board as you compare your options and choose a school? Please get in touch. We’d love to help.

Enjoy the excitement of the coming weeks…it is well deserved!



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