Popp & Associates is excited to be featured in the Back to School issue of SEEN Magazine. The magazine first came to our attention when we became members of the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) several years ago. While SEEN Magazine is primarily read by educators in southeastern states, the magazine’s content is beneficial for school staff, independent college counselors, other educators, and families living throughout the US. The articles are always insightful and have been so helpful in the college counseling work in our office over the years. SEEN Magazine is truly one of my favorite educational resources, and I am so pleased that we were invited to share our thoughts with readers in the Fall 2013 issue. To learn more about how parents, students and teachers can work together best in the college application process, please take a look at our article “Best practices for supporting families, and yourself, during the college application process.”

We hope that this article provides good food for thought for families and teachers as we kick off a new school year.


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